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there was only chaos. If he could not hold to his task, then he must end it.

He closed the fist of his will around himself, stood over his victim, his mind fixed on the equation for mist, the equation for wind, the equations of motion.

At last security arrived in the hall outside. Accessed the emergency override to gain entry.

Galen dissolved the spells, and with a rattling gasp Londo collapsed to the floor. As the door swung open, Galen conjured a platform, equation of motion, equation of motion. He shot through the door, sending a security guard reeling, raced down the corridor, around a turn, and out of sight.

"What the hell?" Michael yelled behind him.

* * *

"Eat something," Justin said.

Anna was in a different room now, this one larger, with tan, paneled walls. Instead of machinery, it contained furniture: a couch that faced three armchairs, with a low table in between, and to one side, a larger table surrounded by more simple, rigid chairs. These furnishings were lifeless, unlike the ones she generated within the machine. Even so, she knew she was still within the Eye; that great machine encompassed the entire planet.

Anna was sitting on the couch, technicians on either side of her. They trimmed away the long, horny extrusions on each of her small appendages. Justin sat opposite her.

She studied the tray of food on the table, an odd assortment of various colors and shapes that meant nothing to her. The technician to her right released her limb, and she reached down, grasped one of the shapes, and deposited it in her orifice, as Justin had shown her before. She chewed, swallowed, old reflexes guiding her actions. It was a primitive system, the sensations weak and uninspiring beside the exhilarating leap to hyperspace, the joy of the
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