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not mine."

"I am not Narn."

"Then who..."

"It is difficult, having so many deaths to your credit that you can barely remember them."

"I am late for a meeting with the captain. He will send someone after me, so if you're going to kill me, I suggest you get on with it."

"They will find no remains." Galen conjured the globe of light right in front of Londo's face.

Londo flinched, hitting his head against the wall. Within the globe, the light followed the pattern Galen had designed. Slowly it molded itself into the shape of the Ondavi, the Centauri freighter Londo had provided for the mages two years ago. The freighter exploded, and a fraction of a second later the globe containing it also shattered, flying apart into small fireballs.

Londo jerked his hands to his face, nearly hitting himself with the statue.

The fireballs began orbiting Londo's head.

"That explosion was an accident." Londo was speaking quickly now. "I didn't murder them. I meant them no harm." He squinted as one of the fireballs floated past his eye.

Galen bit out the words. "You tricked them. You led my entire order to its death."

"No, no, this is all a misunderstanding."

"I'm sure you can't remember them all." Galen put faces within the fireballs-Ing-Radi, Muirne, Beel, Carvin. They screamed as their skin burned and blackened. "But perhaps you remember my teacher, Elric." With an equation of motion Galen brought one of the fireballs in front of Londo, placed Elric's image within it. He burned and blackened like all the rest. "Unfortunately for you, I wasn't with them. Now I have come to revenge myself upon you."

Galen propelled the fireball around Londo, pressed it to the back of his head. Londo screamed, jumped away from the wall. Galen wanted to burn him again and
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