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Then she and Alwyn were gone, and he was left alone. Time to get on with it.

* * *

Galen strode toward Londo's quarters. It felt good, at last, to be taking action. Energy drove through him, ready for his command. He held it firmly in control. Fed's gun, in his pocket, pulled with a reassuring weight at his side.

As usual, the ambassadorial sector was fairly quiet. Those few who were about shot him curious looks, or moved quickly out of the way. It had been a long time since he had worn the robe of a techno-mage. The movement of the cloth against his freshly scoured skin felt strange, like the brush of a ghost from a different life. He put it from his mind.

He had used his access to the security systems to invade the alarm on Londo's door. He had input his own code, so that the door would open at his command, and inserted a virus. The virus would be activated when he used his code. Once active, it would begin to consume itself, and complete the process in exactly ten minutes. When the virus was gone, the alarm would recognize Galen's code as false and notify security of the breach.

The corridor near Londo's quarters was empty. As Galen approached, he accessed the station's power grid, switched off Londo's electricity. From outside the door, he visualized the equation, conjured the formation of mist within. The tech echoed the spell eagerly.

Londo had been trapped in his quarters once before, in the darkness. He had cursed the techno-mages for their disrespect, had defied them to send their next demon after him. It had been nearly two years, but now Galen had come.

He input the code, and the door slid open. He began to count down the ten minutes.

"Is someone there?" Londo called out.

Galen entered the cool
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