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a tomb of memories."

"You must take joy in the memories. She would want that."

Alwyn looked up at him, eyes glistening with tears. "Is that what you do?"


Alwyn nodded. Apparently he was drunk enough to believe it. "All right." He straightened, maintaining his hold on Galen. "I wanted to take you as a second apprentice, you know. After your father died."

"I know," Galen said.

"When you've finished your task, will you stop to say good-bye?"

"If I am able, I will come to you."

Alwyn smoothed his jacket. "We won't argue. I promise."

"We won't argue." Galen took hold of his arm, and with G'Leel steered him toward the checkpoint.

They stopped before the security guard, and Galen presented Alwyn's identicard. Alwyn stumbled, and at the guard's look, Galen said, "Afraid of flying."

The guard made a disgusted sound. "Does he realize we're on a space station here?" He handed the identicard back to Alwyn, who promptly dropped it. "He's not the pilot, is he?"

Galen retrieved the card.

"No," G'Leel said. "I am." She handed her identification to the guard, and her eyes met Galen's.

They stared at each other in silence. He hoped that, somehow, she would survive this war.

"There may be a way out you haven't thought of yet," she said. "Don't stop looking."

Galen gave a single nod.

"I wish I could stay with you," she said.

"You have more to do."

"Is there any way to stop them?"

He saw none, though he didn't want to take that hope from her. "Many are searching."

The guard handed G'Leel her card, but she seemed unwilling to move.

"I trust," Galen said, "that I haven't made any further appearances in your dreams."

Her lips suppressed a smile. "That would be my business." As she hoisted Alwyn up, her face grew serious.
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