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misconception about the stone involves the accompanying Anfran love incantation, most particularly the line that has been traditionally translated as 'the love that knows no borders.' With extensive cross-referencing between the Sampini and other manuscripts, the line is more accurately translated, 'the love that abides no borders.'"

Galen dissolved the image. It felt very wrong for Morden to be lecturing about love.

"He looks so young," G'Leel said.

"February 2250," Galen said.

He located the news story from ISN, conjured the image. "May 2256."

The anchorwoman announced the terrorist bombing of the Io jumpgate. At the moment of the explosion, a ship with five hundred passengers had been entering it. She spoke of the grieving relatives, and the image cut to a crowd of reporters surrounding Morden. As they yelled out questions-"How do you feel about the death of your wife and child?"

"What would you like to say to the terrorists?"-Morden struck out at them, shoving them back, turning in a circle to clear a space. The nervous reporters stumbled back into one another, but kept throwing out their questions. In the middle of the circle he had cleared, Morden turned slowly, brought his hands to his ears, and screamed.

Galen averted his eyes. When he'd watched the clip before, he'd been infuriated by Morden's hypocrisy and falseness. How could Morden, having once felt that grief, tempt Galen as he had?

G'Leel's voice startled him. "How did Morden go from that to the stinking monster who helped destroy my planet?"

It was not a difficult transition to make.

Galen dissolved the image. He had watched nothing else connected with the bombing. But now he had to. He had to understand it. He withdrew farther down his tunnel.

"June 2256." Morden was sitting

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