Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

agent descended into Down Below, Galen tracked his course from one probe to the next.

"Are we watching for something in particular?" G'Leel asked.

"We are thinking," Galen said. He conjured a second image in the air beside the first, a recording from the proceedings of the Interplanetary Archaeological Society, Morden introducing his paper on the Anfran love stone, one of his earliest research projects as an archaeolinguist. Wearing a dark suit, Morden stood behind a podium, his hands clasped together, resting on its edge.

"One of the many misconceptions surrounding the stone has been its purpose. A careful translation of the Sampini manuscript reveals that the stone was not meant, as many have thought, to bring love to the wearer. Instead, it was believed to carry within it the good wishes of loved ones. The focus of the Anfran's star god was inward, not outward. The stone was worn with his symbol against the chest, hidden. From there, the star god sent those good wishes into the wearer, so he might feel the love of his family when they were not with him.

"The other great

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