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often sent on digs with civilian archaeologists who had no knowledge of his covert agenda to secure any useful weapons or technology for Earth's military, by any means necessary. He would channel their findings to his superiors, or make private agreements with some of the team to hide discoveries from the rest, paying bonuses for technology or information funneled directly to him.

His work for the Shadows seemed very much the same. Galen believed Morden had simply exchanged one set of masters for another, most likely for a greater reward.

But if that was so, why did the Shadows send their constant signal?

Galen had seen what they'd done to Anna. He'd learned in his research that she had once been an archaeologist, a colleague of Morden's on the expedition to Z'ha'dum, the dig on which the entire team had supposedly been killed. Anna Sheridan had once had a life, and a career, and a husband. John Sheridan had mourned her for the past five years. And though her death had been a lie, the person who Anna had been was dead. Of her old personality, her desires, her dreams, all that survived was a name. She wanted only to serve the machine, to follow the directives of the Eye. The Shadows had enslaved her completely.

The person within the hybrid ship had similarly been overwhelmed by the Shadows' programming. And the mages, of course, had their own problems fighting the Shadows' influence. If there was one thing Galen knew about those ancient beings, it was that they liked to control things secretly, invisibly.

What if Morden also experienced their manipulation?

Galen had to be insane for even considering it. Morden was no mindless slave. Morden was evil. Morden played with lives like pieces on a chessboard. Morden thrived on death and chaos.

As the Shadows'
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