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the Shadows for years. He's been after the mages since that last convocation, when he was asking everyone all those questions.

"Ah." Alwyn raised his hand with a flourish. "That's it, isn't it. Some of the mages have decided they want to join him. So now that he has become a danger to our order, now they want him killed. When he killed Carvin that didn't count; that was just part of the plan."

Alwyn's face was flushed, his jaw tight with anger. "And this message you're going to trace. Who is it going to lead you to? Someone else to kill. Elizar, at long last?

"These petty vendettas are pointless, when so many lives are at stake. Elizar kills Isabelle. You kill Elizar. When does it end?"

Alwyn's words ceased, and Galen realized he must respond. "It ends," he said, "when the last murderer is murdered."

"I could have done the same. I could have gone after Londo and Morden when they killed Carvin. But I decided to turn my attention to larger issues. I didn't go after them. I didn't."

To Galen's surprise, Alwyn released a sob. He gave a small shake of his head, strode from the suite.

"Will he be all right?" Galen asked G'Leel.

"I don't know. He'll get drunk. That's what he usually does when he thinks of her."

"He needs to get back home."

"Once he's drunk, I'll get him onto the ship and we'll leave."

"Good." Galen caught sight of Morden. He was at the stall of the man he'd spoken with earlier, a high-priced tailor. Galen didn't have a good view; the nearest security camera was some distance away, and there was no chance of overhearing the conversation.

"Is what Alwyn said true?" G'Leel asked. "Are you here to kill Morden? And Elizar?"

"The task is one I must accomplish alone."

"You're afraid we'll be killed if we try to help you."

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