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he could walk on his own. He straightened, pulling away from Alwyn. He realized with surprise that his exercises were still progressing step by orderly step through his mind. In all that had happened, he had maintained them. His hold on himself was secure. In his mind's eye he began to reconstruct the star field he had seen, tried to match it to a specific location.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Alwyn said, "What the hell happened?"

"Did Morden see?" Galen asked.

"I don't think so. By the time you hit the floor, he was well down the promenade."

Galen nodded, relieved. The spell had required proximity to begin, but it had continued even after Morden and the Shadows had left the caf©. He sat, wrapping his arms around himself.

In his mind's eye, he found a match to the star field. While he could not pinpoint the ship's position, he knew its general location. He had learned what he'd needed. He could track a message to its recipient through this method. He could move forward with his task.

"You said that the spell would occupy your full attention." Alwyn paced back and forth in front of Galen. "You didn't say you would stop breathing and have some kind of seizure. What did you do? What happened?"

"I had to see if I could follow a communication. To see where it was sent."

G'Leel laid a blanket over his shoulders.

"And did you?"


Alwyn stopped. "A message from one of the Shadows to someone else? What was the message?"

"The Shadow was engaged in multiple communications. I followed one message that spoke of the Shadow attack. I didn't discover much. They expect it to be a complete surprise. I think it's going to come soon; I can't imagine it being more than two weeks away, at the very most. The Shadows are also planning to make
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