around him once again, and he hurtled down the narrow channel.

As the blackness slipped past him, Galen's anxiety faded. He was growing tired; either the string would take him back to his body or it wouldn't. Worrying wouldn't do much good. It became harder and harder to keep his hold on the string. He found himself falling toward sleep.

The blackness unfolded and he plunged down into the station, the caf, nearly passing out of his body before he realized he must release the string.

For a moment he floated, weightless and peaceful, wanting only to sleep in this thick, bubbling warmth. But discipline reminded him of the active spell in his mind's eye. Again he tried to dissolve it. This time, the tech echoed his command.

"He's not breathing," Michael said. "I'm calling medlab."

Galen gasped, lungs burning for air.

"There," Alwyn said. "I told you it would be temporary. I've seen this happen to him once before. He said he has epilepsy. Too many hyperspace jumps sometimes trigger a seizure."

Galen found himself on the floor, Alwyn and Michael crouched on either side of him. G'Leel stood over them. His body began to shake.

"Are you all right?" Michael asked.

Galen couldn't catch his breath. He nodded. Alwyn was trying to pull him up. Galen stuck out an awkward arm and pushed himself off the floor. Unsteadily, he got to his feet. "I'm fine."

He glanced around the caf, didn't see Morden or the Shadows.

"You have some medicine back in your room, don't you?" Alwyn said.

Alwyn was holding him up, steering him out of the caf. G'Leel followed close behind.

"Yes." Morden was nowhere in sight.

"Maybe you should think about a career change," Michael called after him.

They headed toward their suite in silence. Galen was still shaking, but

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