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girlfriend? Galen had seen no hint of it. Morden and the man talked a bit further, and Galen noticed Morden kept his right hand in his pocket, his left arm bent at the elbow. The extension of his left hand indicated openness, yet the concealment of the right signified deception, something suppressed or hidden. Morden often kept that right hand in his pocket, even when by himself. What was he hiding when alone with the Shadows? He had no alcoholic urges to repress, like Michael Garibaldi. What was it that he kept to himself?

Galen had studied all Elric had written on Morden. Although Elric had never felt confident in his understanding of the Shadows' agent, he'd believed Morden's alliance with his "associates" had arisen from a desire for revenge against the terrorists who had killed his wife and daughter. If that was so, then Morden was incredibly cold and calculating, for he had secured Londo's alliance by creating a similar motivation, killing Londo's girlfriend and offering to help him exact revenge.

Galen found it hard to believe Morden had ever had a family, or if he had, that he'd cared for them. In his mind, Morden's motivation was very simple: He was evil.

Morden agreed to visit the man's stall in the Zocalo to check the merchandise. The man left, and Morden sat.

"Business meeting, Mr. Phillips?" Michael Garibaldi stood over them.

"Hello, Mr. Garibaldi," Galen said. "Have you met? Thomas Alecto, coordinator for the Citizens of Light Disaster Relief Society, and his consultant, G'Leel."

Michael did a double take on Alwyn. "The Citizens of Light? I've heard rumors... about a relief mission you made to Narn."

"To the Narn homeworld itself?" Alwyn said. "Now that would be impossible, wouldn't it? Dangerous things, rumors. But we have helped many
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