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That would require a much more extensive network of tech through the brain, as mages had.

He took a shaky breath and broke the contact. As he'd hoped, he could listen in on the communications Morden received. What he now needed to learn was how Morden, in carrying out the Shadows' business, sent messages to others; specifically, how he would contact Elizar or Razeel if necessary. Techno-mages must have the ability to receive messages from the Shadows. Since the Shadows were always with Morden, Galen guessed that Morden would send the message through them. For Galen to accomplish his goal, he needed to be able to detect the message as it was sent, and then follow it to its destination.

Thus far he had focused only on tapping into the signals through a recipient, like Morden. Here, though, were two senders. He must try his spell on one of the Shadows.

He detected no bursts of energy from the Shadows; their presence, he believed, was too heavily shielded. But if they were engaged in communication, perhaps his spell would access it. He focused on the Shadow to Morden's left, visualized the equation.

The tech echoed the spell, but he sensed no words, no blankness, nothing.

He tried the Shadow to Morden's right. Still nothing.

The Shadows hid themselves too well. Perhaps if he was closer. He took a sip of coffee, maintaining the two spells in his mind's eye, hoping to detect something.

Alwyn nodded his head to one side, and Galen followed the movement to Morden. The Shadows' agent stood, greeting a man beside the table.

"The suits you requested are ready," the man said.

"Did you follow my specifications exactly?"

"Yes. And I have the rest of the things-the shoes, the stockings, the makeup."

Alwyn shot Galen a bemused smile.

Did Morden have a
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