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waiter brought Morden his coffee, and Galen gave the others a second nod. As he visualized the equation again, a rush of words bubbled through him, streaming through his blood, whispering up the brilliant golden strands of tech, possessing him.

Your plan to regain Mollari's loyalty has worked perfectly. In plotting the assassination of Refa, Mollari has become reliant once again on your assistance. Refa will soon be dead, and Mollari awakened to the joys we offer. The Centauri consume each other with their vendettas and greed for power. In their conflict they become strong. We have shown them their true natures.

But Mollari must be kept in check. In the morning, you will leave for Centauri Prime to see Emperor Cartagia. Arrange for Cartagia to recall Mollari to the royal court-a promotion. There we can better control him. And prepare him for what is to come.

Then we will put our plan against Sheridan into motion.

As always, chaos is the way to strength. Chaos is the nature of the younger races. Chaos is the engine powering life. The spread of chaos is our triumph. And the greatest joy is the ecstasy of victory.

The influx of words ended, yet the words remained, circulating through him, breaking apart, recombining. What is to come. Prepare him for vendettas and greed for power. A promotion. Your plan has worked perfectly. Control him for what is to come. Control. The greatest joy.

At last the echoes faded, and Galen became aware of two hands lying limp, palms up, on the table. His hands. With effort he raised his heavy head, finding Alwyn and G'Leel watching him as they continued their conversation.

He sensed no further transmissions from the Shadows, nor any response from Morden. If he was correct, Morden did not have the ability to send a response.
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