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allow him to tap into their messages to Morden. Averting his eyes, Galen scanned Morden himself. He found nothing unusual.

He increased the sensitivity of his scan. A constant, low-frequency energy was radiating from a tiny area of Morden's brain. It was nothing like the focused, high-energy Shadow transmissions he'd previously detected. Perhaps the Shadows used a different type of signal with Humans. Galen began to record his findings for later study.

He'd thought that to intercept the Shadow signals he needed to be within three feet of the recipient. On Thenothk, however, his connection to the Drakh had continued even to fifteen or twenty feet.

In the suite earlier, Galen had asked Alwyn what experience he'd had with the spell, which Galen had given him before leaving for the hiding place. Alwyn, though, had never been able to translate it. Galen's modest attempt to help him had come to nothing.

In any event, Morden sat about a dozen feet away. Whether he was close enough or not, Galen wasn't sure. But he would make the attempt.

He gave a short nod to the others, prepared for the strange sensation of tapping into the Shadow signals. The last time he'd done it, the words had seemed to saturate his body. He focused on Morden and visualized the simple, one-term equation. The tech echoed the spell.

Nothing seemed to happen, at first. Then he realized he did feel a change; a strange sense of blankness was spreading through him, a cloud of gray silence rippling out along his blood vessels, seeping into his cells, suffusing his mind.

He dissolved the spell. The signal carried no content. This was no communication. So what was it?

Then his sensors detected an intense energy burst in a narrow, focused band. That was the Shadow transmission he knew.

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