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sent a jolt through him. He told himself that he'd shared countless after-dinner coffees with Morden from the hiding place, and this one was no different. But it was different. Because here, with one thought, he could kill Morden.

Morden spread his temptations. Some succumbed, while others resisted. Either option brought only devastation.

Galen forced his gaze away from those even white teeth and turned his mind to his task. He scanned the area around Morden, searching for his companions. There, at the upper end of the infrared band, he found them: two angular silhouettes crawling with white dots of unresolvable interference, one on each side of their agent.

It seemed odd that they followed Morden so closely. Yet that was how they preferred to work-invisibly, through their puppets.

He remembered Elric teaching him how mages worked: The greatest of us-Wierden, Gali-Gali, Kell-have so perfectly controlled the perceptions of others that in many cases those others never knew technomancy had been employed. They never even knew a mage had walked among them.

The Shadows, he realized, were master magicians, manipulating, controlling. They had passed through the station for years, undetected. They communicated their intentions silently to their agents. They wielded immense powers, unsurpassed technology. Perhaps, Galen thought, they were even the result of the transcendent unification of being and tech that Blaylock envisioned.

Galen would have preferred to keep a greater distance from them until he was ready to act, but he must first test his idea. Elric had detected some sort of receiver implanted in Morden's brain that allowed the Shadows to communicate with him. Galen hoped the same spell that had allowed him to tap into the Shadows' messages to the Drakh would
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