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words no more than a distant curiosity.

"Your teacher-Elric. He's dead, isn't he?"

Galen said nothing.

"It was something in your face. Something I recognized from-before. I didn't say anything to Alwyn."

Galen began walking back toward their suite, arid G'Leel fell into step beside him.

"I understand your people are suffering as much as mine," she said. "You took the time to help us once. You destroyed the weapons that were to be shipped to the Centauri. You warned me of the danger. I got my parents and family out just in time. They are alive because of that vision you showed me."

"And the crew of the Khatkhata? What of them?" Galen believed G'Leel's old shipmates had been at the Thenothk spaceport when he'd destroyed it.

G'Leel's red eyes flicked away. "I haven't been able to reach them. But they knew the risks."

"I doubt they knew this one."

Her red gaze returned to him, and she grasped his arm, stopping him. "I want to help you. Whatever your task is. Wherever it takes you."

She had transcended herself, had become a force for good. But she could do no good with him. He extricated himself. "You can help me most by convincing Alwyn to leave for Regula tonight. And leaving with him. I work best alone. Even being seen with me now, you risk retribution later." He continued walking, and she followed.

"You need to let Alwyn help you. At least a little. You don't understand how happy he was to hear from you. He really misses you and the others-and Carvin. I try to play his games with him, but I can't really do it."

When Galen did not reply, G'Leel continued. "I'm worried about him. He drinks a lot. Sometimes takes stupid chances. I thought it would get better with time, but it's not. I guess the bond between a teacher and apprentice is very
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