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planting dreams and images in the minds of others. Since Kosh's death, John had been involved in a few strange incidents, signs that perhaps some connection remained between him and the Vorlon. Galen had thought only that Kosh's death had left some lasting mental impression.

This, obviously, was more. Galen had read ancient legends of Vorlons who could travel inside the bodies of others. He had never believed it possible. Yet what if, somehow, Kosh survived inside John? And what if Kosh was trying to reach Galen? The Vorlons had always despised and distrusted the mages. What could this one want with him? Perhaps Kosh wanted to kill him, to finish the extermination of his order that the Shadows had begun.

G'Leel was standing farther down the hall, watching him. She approached, each shoulder moving forward in turn. He didn't want to hear whatever she had to say.

"Come back to the room." The white scar across her nose stood out sharply against her golden skin. "Alwyn is sorry for what he said."

"I felt he deserved a warning. I have given him that."

"We should work together. Find out all we can about the upcoming attack, as quickly as possible. Then we can split up. I'll make sure Alwyn doesn't give you any trouble. He's like a child in many ways. He listens to me."

"He needs to control his temper."

"Like you control yours."

"No, not like me." He had known what to expect from Alwyn. He had known Alwyn meant no harm, but he had allowed Alwyn to upset him anyway.

The fastest way to get rid of Alwyn would be to work with him in some small way. Then Galen could tell him the danger to Regula was imminent or whatever was necessary to get Alwyn on his ship. In the meantime, Galen would hold the walls of his exercises tight around himself, rendering Alwyn's
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