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G'Kar, and try again when we're all thinking more clearly."

John shook his head. "You're right. I'm not even sure what day it is."

"It's night, and you're late for dinner with Delenn. Now get out of here."

John stood. "Have you heard anything from Stephen?"

"A couple sightings. That's it. He's quit using his credit chit. Not ready to be found yet."

John headed for the door. "Maybe tomorrow."

They spoke of Dr. Stephen Franklin, medical chief of staff. Galen did a search for his figure, found him wandering through a small, makeshift bazaar in Down Below, a sector where the mages had left numerous probes. Addicted to stims and overwork, Stephen had abandoned his job to break his addictions and find out who he really was. He'd told Michael he was going on a walkabout, a spiritual quest undertaken by those who felt alienated from themselves. He would walk and keep walking until he at last met himself. Galen found it strange that Stephen would walk to recover himself; Galen walked for the exact opposite reason.

He shifted to other probes, searching for the Vorlon who had taken Kosh's place as ambassador to Babylon 5. He claimed to be Kosh, pretended that the original Kosh had never been murdered. John and the command staff knew the truth-and Morden, of course-but the rest, it seemed, were deceived. The Vorlons preferred others to think them invincible.

The false Kosh was nowhere in sight.

The probe on Londo Mollari's attach©, Vir, revealed that he was standing with Londo in the suite of the visiting Centauri minister, Virini. Londo assured the minister that his differences with Lord Refa would soon be settled. He failed to say that he would end those differences with Lord Refa's impending assassination.

Galen turned down another corridor, and as
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