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through images from various cameras and probes within Babylon 5, searching for those that might be of use. The familiar activity calmed him.

He accessed one of the new probes on the security chief, Michael Garibaldi. Michael entered the secret war room where John Sheridan's alliance planned its campaign against the Shadows. A large image of the galaxy dominated one wall of the bright room. Screens on other walls displayed data on attacks, damage. A few workers monitored the incoming information. In the center of the room a round table glowed from beneath with white light. There, alone, sat John Sheridan, his chin resting on his hands.

Michael approached. "Ever considered something called a break? I hear it can be quite refreshing."

John looked up. His cheeks were darkened by a five o'clock shadow, and a piece of his short, sandy blond hair stuck up at an odd angle. "What? I'm still trying to figure out these Shadow raids. We have to know what they're planning." He turned to a screen on the wall behind him, with a tactical display of the systems attacked. The display showed less than two-thirds of the actual attacks that had occurred. John's information remained incomplete, making the pattern more difficult to detect. "Their targets have no particular strategic value, no critical resources. They seem totally random. That's the kicker. If we can't figure out the Shadows' strategy, where they'll strike next, they're going to keep wiping out populations and there's not a damn thing we can do to stop it."

"We've been over it a dozen times."

John turned back to him. "And we'll go over it a dozen more if that's what it takes."

Michael raised a calming hand. "I'll be right there with you. But I think some dinner, a good night's sleep, and then we'll pull in Delenn,
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