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mind, and others suffered the consequences.

Galen stood.

"One more year, and Elric and the others are going to find themselves facing an angry mob."

Energy bloomed through him in a great rush of heat. Fire raced along the lines of the tech, poured out through his skin. He wanted to burn Alwyn's face black, to crush him to nothingness.

He didn't dare remain a moment longer. He turned and left the suite.

"Galen-" Alwyn called after him.

He had delivered his news to Alwyn. He need not speak to Alwyn again. He must complete his task, and then he must leave. Nothing else mattered. 4.69042.

As he passed through the corridors of the station, his feet beating out a steady rhythm, he drew the walls of his exercise up around him, receded down that tunnel. The fist of his will closed around him until there was nothing but his footsteps, and the calculations, and far, far off, at the end of the narrow, suffocating tunnel, the floor of the corridor before him. There was no past, no future, only moments, passing one after the next, moving toward their inevitable end, and the energy burning through him, eagerly awaiting his command.

After a time, he became aware of the activity in the station around him. His suffocating hold on himself had loosened some small amount, the tunnel had widened. Still the energy drove through him, yet he had secured his grasp on it, had contained it. He shivered.

He could allow his control to loosen no further. The energy had nearly escaped him; he could not risk that again, not here. The walls must hold out everything but his task and the information he needed to accomplish it.

He realized that several hours had passed-time he had wasted, when he should be completing his task as quickly as possible. Continuing to walk, he flipped
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