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where they were going to attack, or at least when-we'd have a much better chance."

"Perhaps, in accomplishing my task, I can get further information from Morden."

"We can help you." G'Leel's red eyes met his. "Alwyn's plan is a good one, even in reverse order."

Galen dissolved the image, crossed his arms over his chest. He required stillness. Solitude. 4.47214.

G'Leel looked at Alwyn, and he nodded slightly in response to her unspoken criticism. "G'Leel is right. We can work together." He turned to Galen, his face softening. "I appreciate the information. We need to move quickly and find out whatever else we can. Then... I'll need to get home." He returned to the couch and sat, laid an arm along the back. "I suppose we'll go our separate ways."

Alwyn had adopted a new strategy, but he would persist in trying to draw Galen into the war, and into the protection of Regula, until Galen got him off the station.

"I need to work alone," Galen said. "You should leave at once for Regula. I can send you any information I obtain."

"What's your plan? How long will it take?"

"I cannot discuss it." 4.58258.

Alwyn studied him in silence. "There's no end to the Circle's secrets, is there?" He took a drink of beer. "Tell me, have the mages caught on? Have any of them figured out why they're really in hiding, and the colossal lie the Circle has told them? Have any of them realized what hypocrites and cowards their leaders are? On the day that light finally clicks on, the Circle is going to find that the hiding place can't keep them safe. I told the mages, in three years they would all know the truth."

Circe's voice, a rasping whisper. Alwyn said three years and-we would all know. Elric's blackened face, his burned arms crossed over his chest.

Alwyn spoke his
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