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exercise. 4.12311.

At last Alwyn spoke. "Was contacting me part of your task?"


He gave a short laugh. "I didn't think they'd send you to me. So you're already deviating from your instructions."

"I have a piece of information that you should know. Telling you will not disrupt my task."

"Ah, we're to be the recipients of some precious mage intelligence. And what is this valuable information?"

Relieved at the turn in the conversation, Galen conjured an image of the region of the recent Shadow raids. The tech eagerly echoed his command. "The Shadows' attacks have fallen in a shell-shaped pattern around this sector of space. Refugees have been driven into the center of the sector, an area that has been left unmolested."

Alwyn moved closer. "I didn't realize the pattern. I know Regula has been inundated with refugees."

"Within the next few weeks, at the latest, the Shadows will launch an attack at this quiet zone in the center, slaughtering the refugees and the inhabitants." 4.24264.

Alwyn's mouth fell open. "How do you know that?"

"I know how they think."

Alwyn studied the image anxiously; he could see as well as Galen that his home fell within the endangered region. "But where within that quiet zone? The area encompasses many systems."

"I suspect that several of the most populous systems will be targeted, but I don't know for certain. Regula could well be among them. I thought you might want to go back home, take some precautions." Soom had been left defenseless, its cities reduced to barren plains of dust, the town of Lok blasted to shining black scorch marks. 4.35890. "I will make sure John Sheridan learns of the upcoming attack."

G'Leel rubbed a gloved finger across her lips. "How can we defend such a large area? If we knew exactly
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