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With your help, we can turn the tide. Give John Sheridan's alliance hope. They haven't had a victory since the Vorlons fought. They're going to collapse if they don't get one soon. You could give it to them."

3.31662. He'd been on the station only five minutes, and already they were refighting the argument they'd had two years ago. "I cannot participate in this war."

"Why not? Why go back there to rot? I know you're not a coward, but you're acting like one."

"The reasons are my own. But I will not fight."

"If you knew all that's been happening, all those who have died, including many of G'Leel's people, you wouldn't be so quick to obey those cowards in the Circle. It's Elric, isn't it. He's got you convinced." Alwyn waved a hand through the air. " 'Solidarity, above all.'"

Alwyn was always so sure he was right. 3.46410. "It was my task, within the hiding place, to observe all that went on outside. I know all that has happened, and all who have died." He turned to G'Leel. "It changes nothing."

"How can you say that?" Alwyn stood. "How can you sit here and look at her and say that?"

"Alwyn." G'Leel shot him a warning glance.

"More will die if I do not complete my task."

"Some danger to the mages, is that it?" Alwyn shook his head, his jaw tight with anger. "That's all they care about. On Narn millions are starving, others tortured, others rounded up for the slaughter. And they are just one tiny bit of the tragedy that our galaxy has become."

"I know."

Alwyn took a step toward him. "You know, and what? You don't care? It's more important to follow some ancient Code than to deal with the horror that is right in our faces?"


"Millions die, but they mean nothing to you?"

Galen found that his hands had squeezed into fists, and
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