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he must not remain on the station. Although the enemy would not sense his presence immediately, if the fabulist drew their attention, they would quickly learn his true nature. Then the war, which had remained at a distance, would erupt here, at the heart of Sheridan's alliance.

Kosh's powers were weak. Communicating would cause great strain. But he had to show Galen the correct path to follow, had to send the fabulist on his way. On Babylon 5, he could bring only destruction.

* * *

Alwyn used a keycard to admit them to their suite. The sitting room was small, with just enough room for a couch along one wall, two chairs opposite. Several doors led to other rooms.

Galen stood holding his valise. He was anxious to complete his task, but he had to deliver his news to Alwyn, and he knew Alwyn would not let it go at that. He would want to talk.

"Your bedroom's through there," Alwyn said. "Why don't you put your things down, get comfortable. Want a drink? We could order some food in. Are they even feeding you?"

Galen slid open the door to the dark bedroom, set his valise inside. 2.64575. "No, thank you." He had to get this over with. He sat in one of the armchairs, scanned the room for any probes the Shadows might have planted. He found none.

Alwyn took two bottles of water out of a refrigerator built into the wall. He held them out to G'Leel. "Which one?"

She pointed to his right hand.

He tossed the one in his left toward her, but she made no move to catch it. In mid-arc, it vanished: an illusion. He tossed her the other. She caught it, twisted off the top, and took a drink.

"She's over eighty percent now. It's driving me crazy. I have no idea how she can tell."

It was just the kind of game Alwyn used to play with Carvin. 2.82843. 3. "I
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