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Galen believed it was the insecurities that were withheld, along with a recovering alcoholic's constant desire for a drink.

"Heavy traffic today," Michael said, with an appraising glance at the frail Narn, who was swaying. Galen listened carefully to Michael's words; he had spent a fair amount of his journey studying the security chief's speech patterns.

"War is good for business," Zack said unhappily. "We could use a couple more men here."

Michael nodded, then leaned closer, reading off Zack's scanner. "Narn transit papers authorized by Abrahamo Lincolni."

With a heavy sigh the Narn collapsed. Galen dropped his valise and caught the Narn under the arms. He found himself face-to-face with Michael, who had also grabbed the falling Narn.

"Tell medlab to get a team down here on the double," Michael said to Zack. His appraising gaze returned to Galen. "Let's put him over to the side."

They moved the unconscious Narn out of the way, and Zack crouched beside them. "I'll take care of it, Chief. And I'll talk to her."

Michael glanced nervously over the crowded customs area, and he kept his voice low. "You better talk to her. Because if I talk to her, I'm going to do something a hell of a lot louder than talk."

They were speaking of Susan Ivanova, second-in-command of Babylon 5. She used the false identity of a Centauri named Abrahamo Lincolni to smuggle Narns off their occupied homeworld in an underground railroad. The Narn's collapse would threaten to expose the enterprise.

Michael glanced at Galen. "Good reflexes." He took Zack's scanner and returned to the security checkpoint. Galen followed.

Back at the head of the line, Galen reached into his jacket pocket for his identicard, dipping his index finger into the fine dust of the probes. He held the
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