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Galen recognized him as Sergeant Zack Allan. Zack had a craggy face, a scratchy voice, and an expression that had grown more and more grim over the last year. He wore the standard green uniform with a padded brown flack vest.

Beyond Zack and the weapons scanner was a large, noisy room filled with beings of various species. They moved about, taking leave of loved ones, or business contacts, or meeting the new arrivals. Since it was mid-afternoon, station time, activity was at a peak. Screens covered the walls, displaying a variety of information and images, listing arrivals and departures, describing the layout of the station. A particularly prominent screen showed a man's head bidding visitors "Welcome to Babylon 5."

He scanned through frequencies, searching for any sign of Shadows, found none.

The woman carrying the large embroidered bag was passed through security and with a happy shriek rushed into the arms of a man. He picked her up, swayed her from side to side.

There were 250,000 beings on this fragile station. It would be so easy for him to lose control here, just as he had on Thenothk. He should never have left the hiding place.

The line moved forward until the Narn in front of Galen reached the checkpoint. From the customs area, the chief of security for Babylon 5, Michael Garibaldi, strolled over, hands in his pockets. Michael tried to present himself as someone relaxed, confident, and in control. In actuality, he was a compulsive worrier and suffered recurring doubts about his ability to do his job. He kept his receding hair cut extremely short, which, like obsessive neatness, reflected a feeling that the world threatened to spiral out of control. He often buried both hands in his pockets, indicating truths or feelings withheld. In Michael's case,
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