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at the center of the shell-shaped region, Galen could be there alongside John Sheridan and the rest, waiting for them. Elizar and Razeel would certainly come with the Shadows, eager to show oft'their new weapon in this major attack. Galen could find them, kill them. He could seize ship after ship in a boiling rush of spheres, could crush chaos once and for all, so that it could never hurt anyone else again.

And after that, after he had given himself so completely to destruction, after the great rush of energy had possessed him, seized him, filled him with its brilliant incandescence-after he had become exactly what the Shadows had intended- could he really stop himself, as he had sworn?

Would he really want to?

Blaylock was right: The temptations were great. He could not allow himself to lose sight of the narrow task he had set for himself. He could conjure destruction perhaps a handful of times without risking loss of control. He must not begin until he was ready to end.

He was not fit to be a major force for good in this war. If he was to play any role, it must be a minor one. He couldn't go near the Shadows' upcoming attack; he had to find Elizar and Razeel before then. But if they didn't stumble into view of one of his probes, or reveal themselves through some incident on the newsfeeds, he had only one idea of how he might find them before the attack. He didn't even know if it was possible. He had to make it work, though, had to stop them before they used his spell.

In the attempt, at least, he would kill Morden.

Continuing their bombing, the Shadow ships wheeled over the Kaikeen planet, its main continent lost now in a great cloud of dust. Resistance had been wiped out, but the ships would continue until they had annihilated their appointed targets.
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