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So please, keep it entertaining."

Fed left, and Galen went to Blaylock and Herazade, who stood beside the door.

Herazade fixed him with her gaze. "We have put our trust in you." She pressed her palm against his heart. "We have made you our hand. With you, we reach out from this place to strike down our enemies. Morden must be killed to maintain our peace. Do not fail us."

"I won't." Even with their fail-safe device implanted inside him, Galen didn't believe the Circle would have released him for the purpose of killing Elizar and Razeel. That brother and sister might use his spell to destroy was not sufficient reason for them. But once they'd realized that, even in the hiding place, Morden threatened them, they'd agreed to his proposal with amazing speed. Herazade had told him, at least three times, that he must kill Morden first. Apparently she did not believe he would have the opportunity to kill Morden otherwise.

"Come," Blaylock said.

Galen retrieved the suitcase and valise, and followed Blaylock out.

"Though I agreed to it," Blaylock said as they walked toward the air lock, "I am not pleased with your solution. Clearly I have a greater regard for your life than you do. You have placed yourself in a precarious position. The enemy will attempt to manipulate you into a location where they can nullify your tech, as they did before. Instead, you must manipulate them. Elric was a master of such techniques, though he used them rarely. I assume he instructed you."

"Yes." If they did trap him, at least the Circle's device might kill them with him.

"Remember what we spoke of on the way to the rim. If you are to succeed out in the universe, you cannot close yourself off from it. You must study the people around you, discover their intentions, and use them.
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