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"I did not serve him well, as a teacher."

"You told him all you could. You taught him as best you knew."

Blaylock bowed his head.

Galen conjured a platform beneath Gowen's body and lifted him from the bed, conveyed him to the door. He passed through the hole, and Galen followed him through the claustrophobic corridors, ignoring the anxious looks of the others.

As Galen passed the dining hall, Tzakizak exhorted a crowd to demand a complete explanation from the Circle. "Why would a loyal mage like Circe attempt to break free from the hiding place?" he yelled. "Why would she kill Elric? As usual, the Circle holds back all the details. They must learn that we deserve respect."

His audience responded with an angry mixture of cries.

Perhaps the mages could repress the urge to destruction, yet in this place, it was growing harder and harder. He could feel it rising up in each one of them, overflowing to form a great irresistible wave that would overwhelm them all.

He had to be released before he was enveloped in it, for he had his own destruction to wreak.

* * *

"Who are you?" the Human named Justin asked. "What is your name? Your full name, Anna."

Through her shifting black skin, Anna studied him angrily. Wearing a simple shirt, vest, and pants, he paced across her main chamber, supporting himself with a cane. Compared to Elizar, who stood quietly to one side, he seemed weak and unremarkable, with his wispy white hair, his bushy eyebrows, his face sagging with wrinkles. His voice quavered as he spoke. Despite all that, there was something hard and threatening about him. She wanted to expel him from her body.

The Eye had told her to answer his questions, but his questions made no sense. And this was not her purpose, to answer questions.
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