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them where we are?"

Still coughing, she turned her head slightly from side to side.

"Who aided you?" Galen asked.

Circe closed her bleeding mouth, stifling her coughs, and her dark eyes narrowed on Galen. "Those also treated unfairly. And those smart enough to realize"-she glanced at Gowen-"there is no future for us without the Shadows."

She knew. How could she know? Had Morden chosen her, of them all, to tell?

Gowen remained bent over the crystal. He showed no reaction to Circe's words.

Galen shivered, hard. He was burning, churning, surging with energy. "I want the names of those mages who aided you, nothing else."

Her broken lips stretched into a smile. "I came to the truth only recently-unlike you or the privileged Circle. Morden hinted. Claimed allies in the past. Then Alwyn-"

"Silence!" Galen visualized the equation, and the blue fire appeared above her, hovered there.

"Alwyn said three years and-we would all know. Then you-returned from the rim so angry at Elric."

"Silence!" He brought the fire down.

She gasped as the lines of red spread, intersected. "In time-I realized the truth. And the folly

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