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machine, the energy generator for this place, my own addition, an explosive."

Elric received no response to his message. He didn't want to involve Galen, but Galen's powers might be required. He sent another copy of the message.

Circe crossed her arms, sliding her hands up under her sleeves. "If you do not give me the key, I will trigger that device. The Circle's protections and shields will collapse, the gravity will fail, the temperature will drop, the air circulation will cease. You may think that still some mages could reach their ships, could survive. Or you may think even now they come to your rescue, in response to your messages. Neither is the case. A sleeping potion has circulated through the air in all rooms but yours and this one. The others are deep into their dreams and cannot help you or themselves."

He had underestimated Circe. This stratagem was far more convincing than her first. He had no way of knowing whether she truly had the ability to destroy the generator or not. The machines were well shielded now, yet during their assembly they had been unprotected. The sleeping potion, he believed, was real, for otherwise his message would have received some response.

"You will join the Shadows?" he asked. He sent message after message to Blaylock, hoping to rouse him. If any could fight off the physiological effects of Circe's sleeping potion, it would be Blaylock.

"Give me the key."

Elric found that the simple message spell was exhausting him. He had to stop. He must save what strength remained to him and use it wisely. Although he did not have the energy to defeat Circe in a fight, he might defeat her through other means. The machines were protected with a special reflective screen that the Circle had designed. Any energy that attacked the
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