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into which refugees were frantically fleeing.

As for why the Shadows might pursue such a plan, it had taken Galen only a moment to understand. The Shadows knew that despair led people to chaos. They had killed Londo's girlfriend to gain his alliance. And they had used the same strategy-before. The Shadows were manipulating the flow of refugees so that the survivors could be killed in one single, devastating assault. Within the next few weeks, the Shadows would surely attack within the center of the shell, striking a demoralizing blow against the alliance and showing they could not be defied or escaped.

The telepaths filed out, and John sat at his desk, rested his head in his hands.

He did not see the pattern of the attacks, which Galen found immensely frustrating. To be fair, John's information was incomplete, which made the pattern more difficult to see. And he was exhausted and overwhelmed with his duties. Yet he must see it soon. Foreknowledge of the attack presented his best chance of scoring a major victory against the Shadows. And countless refugees would be killed if he did not.

Alwyn did not see the pattern either, even though his home of Regula stood in the very sector that would soon come under attack.

Galen's knowledge, of course, was useless. It could not leave this place, could not save even one of those who was to die.

He put the thought from his mind, searching through the cameras on board the heavy cruiser Hyperion for Matthew Gideon. Watching Matthew usually brought him some small consolation. Matthew had been an ensign when Galen had plucked him from space, sole survivor of the hybrid ship's attack on the EarthForce Destroyer Cerberus. He was a lieutenant now aboard the Hyperion. It would have given Galen some satisfaction if Matthew,
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