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had already accomplished two things Galen would never have thought possible.

Although history showed that the Vorlons and the Shadows were ancient enemies, no record existed of any direct confrontation between them. A few months ago, however, John had managed to convince the Vorlon ambassador, Kosh, that he must intercede in the war. The result was a major defeat of the Shadows.

In short order, the Shadows had retaliated with Kosh's murder. With him had probably gone any hope of future help by the Vorlons. They had the power to stop the Shadows, but they would not use it.

John, though, had discovered another weapon: telepaths. They could disrupt the connection between a Shadow ship and the living being that served as its central processing unit. If the telepath was strong enough, the ship could be immobilized.

The Shadows had taken steps to decrease this vulnerability, as John had learned. He had intercepted a freighter on its way to the rim, carrying telepaths in sleeper tubes, just as G'Leel's freighter the Khatkhata had been. The sleepers were to be wired into Shadow ships, where they might repel any telepathic attack. Whichever side had the most powerful telepaths would win.

John finished his speech and stood silently. One by one, the telepaths agreed to join his alliance.

Thus far, John had not been able to confront the Shadows with his new weapon in a major battle, for he never knew where they would strike. The Shadows' recent hit-and-run attacks were scattered over a large volume of space, their specific locations impossible to predict. After the last raid, however, Galen's repeated analyses had at last revealed an underlying pattern. The seemingly chaotic attacks were not chaotic at all. Their locations defined a rough shell around a sector of space
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