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those defenses.

If Elizar did trap him again, certainly Galen could be prepared with weapons other than technomancy. On Thenothk, though, he had managed to get G'Leel's gun only to have it drop from his hand under the force of Bunny's will. He needed a better solution.

Since entering this place, Galen had studied all he knew of the Shadows' ability to nullify the tech. Although he possessed no recording of the exact signal they'd used on him, he'd gained some sense of it from Anna. When she'd connected with him, she'd been frustrated that his tech was not functioning, and she'd tried to activate it. She identified the signal that overrode the tech, an elaborate and intense transmission in the radio band of frequencies. It had been picked up by a transceiver near the base of his spinal cord.

As he pursued his research, he quickly realized the similarity between that signal and the one Burell had described. In her most extensive series of experiments, Burell had fed various signals to a mysterious transceiver she'd discovered at the base of her spinal cord, a transceiver that responded to none of the usual commands or signals. Finally she found a signal to which it did respond: a complex, intense transmission in the radio band. In her obsessive search, Burell discovered the Shadows' secret signal to gain control of the tech.

The first time Burell sent the signal, her transceiver responded with an answering transmission. The second time she sent it, a third of her implants became inert.

Burell didn't understand what she'd found, because she didn't know they'd been designed as agents of the Shadows.

She didn't know their masters had created them with an on/off switch.

In retrospect, it was all very clear. The first time Burell sent the signal, which requested
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