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back at the Shadows directly. She gathered a few allies from the Narn underground, and together they devised a suicidal plan: bomb the Shadows' home of Z'ha'dum. In three ships they set out for Alpha Omega 3. Within moments of dropping out of hyper-space into the system, though, they were targeted by Z'ha'dum's planetary defense net. Weapons platforms took aim, fired. Two ships were instantly destroyed. G'Leel and the others aboard the third ship barely escaped into hyperspace.

Disheartened, G'Leel had returned to Alwyn, and his attempt to raise her spirits had at last propelled Alwyn out of the worst of his depression. They had begun to organize relief missions and gather information for the Narn resistance.

In Galen's mind's eye, the Drazi refused for the third time to provide any supplies. Alwyn's voice rose, and he rounded the desk toward the Drazi, his hand closing into a fist. G'Leel jumped up, came between them.

Galen flipped through more probes.

Alwyn and G'Leel did what they could, but they would not stop the Shadows.

Any major opposition would have to involve several different races acting in concert, and it would have to arise from Babylon 5. John Sheridan, the station's captain, had been organizing a secret alliance over the last months, attempting to build an Army of Light, a force of sufficient strength to oppose the Shadows.

Galen selected the probe on John's neck. He stood now in his office, talking to a group of nine, attempting to recruit them to the alliance. Galen had seen John give this speech before, though each time he delivered it with power and conviction. The nine were telepaths, critical to fighting the Shadows.

Galen believed John's effort doomed to failure, the alliance's technology vastly inferior to the Shadows'. Yet John
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