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and the resolve to use it."

Elric couldn't believe that Galen was standing here, proposing what he was proposing. "That is unacceptable."

"I agree." Blaylock's eyes narrowed. "I have told you we are meant for greater things than fighting."

Galen's crossed arms rose and fell with his hard breaths. "Yet you hold me here as your weapon, in case we are discovered. Would you protect yourselves at the cost of everyone else?"

Elric cared only about protecting Galen.

"You speak of control," Blaylock said, "but your plan is simply to go, and to kill. That is not the plan of a techno-mage in control. Elizar can again nullify your tech, rendering you defenseless."

Herazade pressed her palms flat against each other. "We require assurance that no telepath could gain from you the location of the hiding place, or even the knowledge that so many of us still live. You cannot give that assurance. So long as you are vulnerable to the Shadows' control, you may find yourself subject to telepathic scan, as you were before. By your own admittance, that may be why Soom was attacked. The hiding place must not be next."

Galen took a deep breath, released it. "If I could find a way to immunize myself to the Shadow signal, would you then let me go?"

"You have told us that is impossible," Herazade said, "and we have confirmed your findings. We are united against your proposal, Galen. Do not show us disrespect by arguing your case further. If you find evidence that your spell of destruction is being used, bring it before us, and we will consider what best should be done."

Galen looked down, and his gloved hands fell to his sides. He gave a single nod, turned, and walked out.

Elric received a message from Herazade, her summary of those select findings and decisions of the
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