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ago affixed to G'Leel's shoulder. Alwyn had surely detected it but he allowed it to remain, perhaps hoping the mages would see what he saw, and decide to leave the hiding place.

G'Leel sat in the lush office of a well-dressed Drazi, while Alwyn-in the guise of "Thomas Alecto," one of his many false identities-paced back and forth, delivering an impassioned speech to convince the Drazi to donate relief supplies for the Narn. Thomas Alecto was the director of the "Citizens of Light Disaster Relief Society," one of Alwyn's seemingly endless supply of fictitious companies. He and G'Leel, a "consultant" for the society, organized desperate relief missions to the ruins of Narn. The two of them flew in the supplies, evading the Centauri defenses.

When they had first decided to work together to fight the Shadows, they had hoped to stop the great war before it began in earnest. They had interfered in several of the smaller wars, providing unexpected resistance, and even, in one case, negotiating a surprise peace agreement.

Yet they were limited in what they could accomplish. At the beginning of the Narn-Centauri war, they tried to convince the Narn leaders in the Kha'Ri that their true enemies were not the Centauri, but the Shadows. The Narns' hatred for their former slave-masters, though, was too strong. They would not believe.

The decimation of the Narn homeworld was a horrible blow to both G'Leel and Alwyn. Alwyn released his frustration in brutal bar fights and other undisciplined outbursts. The death of Carvin still hung heavily on him, and this new tragedy sucked away any forward momentum he had maintained. Although he ranted about fighting the Shadows, he could no longer gather himself sufficiently to organize any action.

But G'Leel was determined to strike
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