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that." She pressed against him. "Someplace with decent food, and drink, and light, and music. See what develops."

Good, Anna thought. She had stopped her talk of ships.

"You'll get what you want, as will I, if we are both patient. The force that I have built so carefully is nearly ready. They were very pleased with the last test. It will be sent out to fight. I will be sent at its head. And you will come with me." He caressed her face, at the same time moving slightly away from her. "I have been promised that if I complete my final task for them, then once the war is over, I will be given the force to do with as I please."

"This hasn't turned out like I thought. I figured, with all the talk about chaos, we'd be able to do whatever we wanted. Instead, we just follow orders."

"You must be patient. For now, we return to Z'ha'dum." He lifted the screen between them. "Tell me what Galen said to Fa as he explained these spells."

Bunny pressed the screen against her chest with a small smile. "If you do learn Galen's spell, you better remember who you have to thank for it. You better not use it on me."

"Don't be ridiculous. I would never kill you." He turned his hand palm up, waiting for her to relinquish the screen.

At last she extended it, though she did not release it. "I'd like to know sometime what you're really thinking."

Elizar took her hand, pulled it away from the screen. "Scan me, sweet Bunny, and you'll find you have lost your only ally."

They continued to talk, but Anna had lost interest. She thought of their great victory today, of the red rapture of the war cry. Another attack would come soon. Perhaps, when she reached Z'ha'dum, the Eye would finally realize that Bunny was an enemy, just like all telepaths. Perhaps the Eye would kill her.
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