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I can tell you what he said." Bunny looked back down at the screen, and for some reason, Anna got the impression she was afraid. "Is it enough?"

"I'm not certain."

"Whether it is or not, I got all there was to get. You can tell them. I did a good job." Bunny's voice carried an odd quality, quite different from the lightness it used to have. Anna was glad Bunny was afraid, for whatever reason.

Elizar came to stand before her. "I have always fought for you to remain with us. You have been of great assistance."

"Maybe I didn't get everything out of Galen, but I got enough that we might win the war because of it. Especially about..." Bunny jerked her head upward, as if indicating Anna. "If they ever do anything about it."

Did Bunny think she knew something about Anna? She didn't know anything.

"Our allies work on their own timetable."

"I just wish we could go somewhere else. We had some good times on Thenothk. But Z'ha'dum"-she flipped her hair over her shoulder-"it's hard to keep a party going there."

"They may not be comfortable with telepaths, but they too realize your value."

"They realize how valuable I could be inside a ship. I know that's what they're thinking, every time they look at me. Since John Sheridan used a telepath to jam one of their precious fleet, they've been wiring in every telepath they can get their hands on. And they don't have any as powerful as I am."

Anna didn't understand what Bunny was talking about, but she wanted Bunny to stop talking. Now. She bent her mind to Bunny, trying to make the telepath as uncomfortable as she was.

"Your power makes you valuable to them outside a ship as well," Elizar said.

Bunny glanced upward. She stood, twirling a lock of her hair. "I just wish we could go to someplace away from-all
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