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mind, generating a dull, pulsing pain. Bunny was a disruptive, intrusive presence. She vexed Anna.

Because of Bunny, Anna had to stand idle on Z'ha'dum in case her passengers required transportation. Anna was the only one the Eye trusted to carry Bunny. Once, another of her sisters had been ordered to transport a telepath. As soon as the telepath had boarded, she'd taken off and flown into the nearest sun.

If Bunny were not among Anna's passengers, any ship could take them. She could return to the war, where she longed to be.

Elizar sat beside Razeel on a bench. Their weight pressed against Anna. "You've perfected the cylinders," Elizar said.

"They were beautiful, weren't they? Two great mouths of hunger. They would have consumed her utterly."

He watched her silently for a moment. "They served their purpose well."

"I wish Galen had not interfered. Their need has gone unsatisfied."

"Galen will pay his price." Elizar took her hand and examined it. A dark red discoloration ran along the length of her index finger and over her fingertips. "Why don't you rest and allow your hand to heal?"

Their bodies were so inferior, their pale skin vulnerable to nearly any attack, unlike Anna's brilliant black skin.

Elizar stood, and Razeel lay on the bench, her face to the wall. As she traced a finger over Anna, she whispered. "The shadow of death stretches out its hand. And upon its palm I sit. The queen of shadows." She began to hum.

Elizar let out a heavy breath and went to Bunny. He watched over her shoulder as she scribbled symbol after symbol. After a time, her hand stopped.

"Is that all?" Elizar said.

Bunny jerked her head around, her mouth tightly closed. "Those are all the spells the girl remembered. Galen explained to her what some of them did.
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