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Galen had first realized. They were only as strong as their strongest puppet, and Morden was their strongest. On Babylon 5, he gathered intelligence and manipulated officials of various governments with a skillful combination of temptations and threats. Through his many travels, his influence spread even wider. He alone had driven the Centauri to war with the Narn and other races. Millions of Narns had died in the bombing, and even now that the war was over, they continued to die, some from illness and starvation, others in the Centauri's methodical campaign of pacification and genocide.

Galen could not watch him long. He selected another image.

Londo Mollari sat before a mirror in his quarters as his attach©, Vir, ministered to his great crest of hair. The probe that had been planted on Vir's cheek almost two years ago remained molecularly bound to his skin, revealing the continuing crimes of his master. Londo's finances, power, and influence had increased a hundredfold since the mages had left Babylon 5. Thanks to Morden, Londo was now a major force in the Centauri government, both respected and feared. Some even believed he might one day become emperor. Although Londo had broken his alliance with the Shadows after winning the war against the Narn, Morden had cleverly drawn him back into the fold by having Londo's love, Adira, killed, and leading Londo to believe the Centauri lord Refa responsible. Londo turned to Morden for aid in killing the influential Refa; the plan Londo had devised would soon come to fruition. He was a harder, more ruthless person than he had been. He had little time for drinking or gambling anymore; right now, revenge was foremost in his thoughts.

A condition with which Galen was familiar.

He selected another probe, the one he had long
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