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misunderstanding. I forgave him long ago. I was glad to offer to come here in his place.

"Galen would like us to bring you to him. There's just one problem. You know he went away with all the rest of us, all the techno-mages."

Fa nodded.

"You can't come with us unless you can do magic like we do."

"But I can," Fa said. "A little. I've been practicing." She took a small stone from the pocket of her jumper, and from the movements of the ring he could tell she was going through a rapid sleight of hand. "Where is it?" she said, spreading her palms. She tilted her head to one side. "Oh. But what's that behind your ear?" She reached out to Elizar, produced the stone with a flourish. She'd gotten much better. She must have worked long hours since he'd been gone.

"Very good!" Elizar said with a smile. "Galen taught you that? You're a good student. Did he teach you anything else?"

"Lots of things," Fa said. "He showed me his spells."

"And do you remember them?" Elizar asked.

Galen closed his eyes, though it made no difference. Here, he realized, was the purpose of Elizar's visit. He had left something behind. He had left Fa. She had seen his spells. He desperately tried to remember how much she had seen, whether she had seen the spell of destruction.

Then he remembered.

The night he had discovered it, the first night of the convocation. She had come in through his window raving about the pretty light show outside, had annoyed him while he tried to work. And to show her the difficulty of what the mages did, to teach her more respect, he had shown her his spells, explained the progression from which he had derived his first basic postulate. Bunny must have glimpsed the memory when she scanned him.

Now they were going to rip the spell out of Fa's mind.
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