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or phrases, asserting that keys should be completely random. Otherwise, with sufficient effort, an intruder could discover them.

Galen continued desperately, pointlessly.

Fa and Razeel reached the moss-covered plain of rock where Galen and Elric had once lived. Out of the dusky mist, like a nightmare, emerged Elizar, with his long, masterful stride, his head tilted slightly back. For two years Galen had struggled to block out all thought of him. The tech's energy welled up with a rush.

Behind Elizar came Bunny, in a short green dress. Galen had hoped he'd killed her on Thenothk. He wondered what she had to do with this. Could she have seen something when she invaded his thoughts, something he'd forgotten here? His mind raced to discover what it could be.

Fa stopped short at the sight of Elizar. She would remember him, Galen knew, from the convocation. She'd seen Galen attack him with the spell of destruction, and she'd been terrified.

Razeel seized Fa's hand, held it up. "Say hello to Galen, brother."

Elizar approached. He wore a long coat of black velvet, a gold and black vest beneath. The dark goatee scoured into the shape of the rune for magic stood out against his pale skin. At the sight of the ring, he gave a truncated laugh. The planes of his angular face carried a cold arrogance. "It's too perfect, isn't it. Hello, Galen."

"Will you take me to Gale?" Fa's question sounded more like a demand.

"She can't remember anything they might have left behind," Razeel said.

Elizar nodded, crouched before Fa.

"Gale didn't like you," Fa said.

"You mean that fight we had?"

Razeel was still clutching Fa, and Elizar pulled his sister's hand away, released it. He continued. "Galen apologized for that. He felt very bad for hurting me. It was all a
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