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back and forth, his nails digging into the skin of his palms. They were going to hurt her, he knew. They were going to do something horrible to her, because of him.

"Will you take me to Gale?" Fa asked.

"Is that what you want?"

Fa nodded vigorously.

"First we need your help," Razeel said.

"What can I do?"

"Let me take you to the others. They are near where Galen used to live." Razeel flipped her cape back over her shoulder. Beneath, she wore yet another ill-fitting dress, this one of layered black chiffon. She had still not found an identity that fit her. Despite that, she seemed more assured, in some way that frightened Galen. She held out her hand, and Fa took it. She smiled into the ring, her hair blowing over her face. "Hello, Galen."

They walked out of town and down toward the mak, Razeel humming a cheerful tune.

He had to do something. He had to help Fa. But how?

"Galen-Gale-has lost something," Razeel said. "Because he is ill, he cannot remember where he left it. But he is certain it is here. Do you know of anything he or Elric left behind?"

"What did he lose?"

"Did he leave any papers, any crystals, any devices?"

Did she think he and Elric were fools, to leave anything behind? What was it they were after? Something in Elric's place of power? Or was it truly something of his? In that case, it could be only one thing: the secret of destruction. But why would they think he had left it behind?

"Everything burned up when they left," Fa said. "It's all gone. I've looked."

"He left you that ring."

Fa jerked her hand away. "It's mine."

"I wouldn't dream of taking it from you. I'm just wondering, did he leave anything else? This is very important to Gale. Please think carefully."

Fa looked into the ring. "I don't think so.
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