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to leave. What do I tell them?"

That would be the Ondavi.

John took the orange blossom from his pocket and twirled it between his thumb and forefinger. It would not wilt or decay; it would endure. And so, perhaps, would some bit of the beauty and good the mages had created.

"Tell them," John said, "permission granted."

Elric added to his mind's eye the probes on the Ondavi. One was fixed to the wall of the large cargo hold. There he saw a great mass of mages, some real, some illusion. They moved, and murmuring arose from them as if they spoke. Of those nearest the probe he picked out Ing-Radi, Muirne, Beel, Natupi, G'Ran, Elektra. They stood silently, also waiting.

Another probe showed the flight deck of the Ondavi, with its Centauri crew. The window at the front of the flight deck revealed that the ship was passing out through the docking bay. As the image shifted, panning the deck, Elric caught a close-up glimpse of Carvin's face, and he realized she'd planted the probe on the back of her hand, so they could observe.

The Crystal Cabin began to move as well, the view through the window beside Elric showing that they too were passing through the docking bay.

Within the customs area, Vir joined Londo, and they watched on the monitor as the Centauri ship left Babylon 5.

The Ondavi broke into the blackness of space and started toward the jumpgate. The Crystal Cabin followed a minute later. Through an odd coincidence of flight paths, Elric found the Ondavi framed in the window beside him. It was a fragile construction of metal, a piece of technology that intelligent beings trusted to preserve their lives. But those with better technology could always destroy it.

In his mind's eye, the cargo hold shuddered as a rapid series of explosions raced through
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