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other pieces: the one who wanted to heal, the one who took joy in Soom, the one who loved Isabelle, the one who created and invented, the one who wanted, above all, to understand. And even more beyond those, pieces that you have buried so deeply you aren't even aware they exist. Pieces, I fear, that you will never recover. For a time your movement was outward. You were learning, trying new things. But since we left Soom, your movement has been only inward. While your studies advance, you, yourself, do not. In fact, you retreat. More each day. You kill yourself off bit by bit."

Galen held himself still and continued his exercise, trying to think of nothing else, to be nothing else. Elric's words, though, would not be ignored.

"Do you remember what I have taught you? Most intelligent beings prefer to live in certainty than uncertainty. Rather than accept uncertainty, they will discount the input of their own senses. It is through this mechanism that mages manipulate the perceptions of others.

"You have chosen certainty over uncertainty, declaring yourself a monster. Certainty brings order, which you have always desired. But life, as you have discovered, is not always orderly.

"The mages have also made this error, by including in the Code knowledge, rather than learning. Knowledge stresses certainty. Yes, we must know all that can be known. But what cannot be known should not be ignored. For it is in uncertainty, and in the unknown, that learning, creativity, and growth occur. Or as Blaylock would call it, transcendence.

"In your certainty of who and what you are, you ignore much of the evidence before you. You focus on a single piece of yourself, and neglect or bury the rest. You expend all your energy on maintaining control, on containing the monster."

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