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what any could be expected to endure."

The memory came-Alwyn's ship lifting him from the surface of Thenothk, and him reaching downward with his fury, the darkening spheres boiling out of him, covering building after building, crushing them to nothingness. In the racing, blazing heat of destruction, he had cared nothing for those he killed. He had never felt so alive.

He exerted voice control, forced his tone to remain even. "You taught me to make no excuses for my misdeeds."

"It is not an excuse. It is the truth. You have also done good, Galen. You have brought light. You are not a monster."

Galen stood, his chair grating against the floor. "Is there anything further?"

Elric's eyes narrowed. "Your reaction demands it. I know you have little respect for my opinion, and I know that my lies have destroyed my ability to teach you, destroyed the bond between us. I realize now the time for a reconciliation between us will never come. Yet left to your own devices, you have retreated to safety, rather than pushing yourself to do more. Since no one else has seen fit to point this out to you, I must do it, though it will drive the wedge deeper between us."

Why was Elric pushing him? Why wouldn't Elric let him go?

"As part of your initiation, you were questioned about your identity and purpose. Mages examine these issues at each convocation, reevaluating who they are, revisiting the questions whose answers life constantly revises. Your behavior, however, indicates that you see no need to question yourself further. You have chosen to define yourself with a permanent, and very limiting, answer. You have decided that you are a monster, that you are your spell, the power of destruction. But I know you, and that is only one small piece of who you are. There are many
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