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stood a collection of simple structures made from stacked stones. This was all as the Eye had explained to her.

The white-haired inhabitants had been drawn outside by the sounds of the city's destruction. They stared up into the darkening mist. When they saw her, they began to scatter.

Anna scanned the town for the tracking device. It had been planted on the one being she was to spare.

There. It emanated from an unremarkable structure on the far side of town. Only a single being took shelter within. She would spare that one building and that one being, while destroying all the rest.

She narrowed her focus on the nearest structure, and excitement gathered in her throat. The anticipation, the thrill remained as great as the first time. With wild intensity, she shrieked out her war cry, her body rushing with the red rapture. Energy blasted from her mouth in a brilliant torrent. The target was vaporized, replaced with a black, glassy crater.

Three of the town's inhabitants ran off through the fields, and Anna turned her attention to them, destruction boiling up into her mouth. Her shriek sliced through them.

Anna fell upon the town, drawing energy into her mouth, screaming it out in blazing red, swirling in a dizzying dance of death.

Then everything was reduced to smoking black ruins, everything but the single being in the single, unremarkable building. She would have liked to destroy it, too.

"Take us to the landing site, Anna," Elizar said.

Anna wanted to revel in the ecstasy of victory, to whirl among the clouds. She suppressed her resentment. She preferred to take direction from the Eye, not Elizar. But the Eye had told her that on this trip, once again, she must obey him. He aided in their victory, and by carrying him, she helped to attain victory.
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