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burst into dust, spaceships melted to slag, inhabitants flashburned to ash. A vast haze of dust shot up through the clouds and spread out below her, testament to the chaos she had wrought. The city was reduced to random particles, the destruction pure, absolute. Not a single structure stood, not a single being lived.

Then it was time for the second stage of Anna's attack. Her sisters had a different duty. They were to land in some of the smaller towns and allow the Drakh to round up inhabitants for transport to Z'ha'dum. What use the pathetic, weak creatures could be, Anna didn't know.

Her duty carried more excitement. She dove rapidly downward, hungry for challenge. The greatest excitement is the thrill of battle, the Eye had taught her. The greatest joy is the ecstasy of victory. It was true.

She preferred to strike where she faced some opposition, some enemy to engage and utterly destroy. Even where they did not fight back, though, she could take joy in the dizzying delight of movement, the red rapture of the war cry. And the ecstasy of victory.

Only once had they ever been defeated, months ago, when many of her sisters had been lost. Anna had not been there to fight the hated Vorlons. But she hoped she would soon have the chance. She had no fear of death. If she had to die, she only wanted it to be in the blazing heat of battle. Yet she didn't believe she could be defeated. The machine was perfect, and it was part of her. She could not fail.

As she plunged downward, the dust and mist enveloped her, and moisture ran over her beautiful black skin. This next attack must be surgical, precise. Her target was a small town not far down the coast. She slowed as she neared ground level, and the mist finally thinned. Amidst fields of high grasses and wildflowers
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