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reeked of dissolution and chaos. Kosh had long stood in the way of their agenda. They were glad to have the excuse, at last, to be rid of him.

Yet he sensed, as the three spread in a circle about him, that they were afraid. They feared he would fight them. Even now they did not understand Vorlon ways.

Morden remained just inside the door, the clear covering of a breather over his face. Though his expression was obscured by Kosh's reflection, Kosh imagined the pestilence was smiling.

From the enemies' eyes, ropes of brilliant light emerged, twisting toward him. That light was infected with anarchy, with the contagion of desire, the dream of the maelstrom.

Again Kosh reached out with his core, quickly now, this time to Sheridan. He had established a connection with the Human soon after they had met, and had strengthened that connection over time, through occasional visits to Sheridan's dreams, and lessons in a few basic ways of Vorlon thought.

He found Sheridan sleeping, stimulated the Human's mind into a dream state. He took for himself the appearance of Sheridan's elderly father, David. That image existed very clearly in Sheridan's mind, carrying with it David's ways of acting and speaking. This person commanded Sheridan's respect, yet could also reassure and soothe him. Kosh could say what was necessary through this vehicle. He gave the dream form, placing them in the family home, a comforting setting. Bright light streamed through the long windows that framed a fireplace.

Sheridan stood with his back to Kosh, not yet fully aware.

The ropes of light pressed into his encounter suit, melting it, twisting through. Kosh called out in David's voice. "John. Johnny."

Sheridan turned to him. "Dad?"

Kosh converted his thoughts into David's words, into
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